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I’m Manuela,

Fitness & Nutrition Coach

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My Coaching Philosophy

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I empower women worldwide to help them find their inner AND outer strength.


Using evidence-based and sustainable weight loss strategies, I place healthy nutritional habits, confidence and positive body image at the forefront of my coaching style.

I hope to inspire women to achieve their goals through helping them shape their dream body, build lasting nutritional habits with food, develop a positive mindset, and fall in love with who they are.

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For guidance on how to fuel your body with nutritious food so your sustainable weight loss is a success, we will dive into what your body needs instead of relying on fad diets and inflexible meal plans. Tailor-made workouts to fit your unique lifestyle and preferences will help you lose weight, get stronger and feel great!

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It’s not about short term results or quick fixes. My program guides you how to develop confidence, a positive body image and a lifelong, healthy relationship with food that goes past calorie counting. I will help you establish small habits in your daily routines that will transform your life for good - one day at a time.

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From start to finish, you’ll have full access to me as your motivational coach; developing 100% personalized and customized workouts and individualized nutritional guidance. I will provide you with a caring, supporting mentorship and passion that will help you achieve your goals. I’m here for you - every single step of the way!

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Client Success Stories

Helping others transform their lives is my passion.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some pretty incredible clients.

During my time with them, I've taught them how to make subtle, yet powerful changes in their daily routines, that have made all the difference.

Here are a few words from some of the amazing clients I’ve worked with:

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Sabita_Barbell Boss Fitness Client

Sabita Prakash • 50 years young • Hong Kong

My name is Sabita Prakash. I am an Indian woman, around 50 years old, based in Hong Kong for the last 20 odd years. I work in the finance sector. Inevitably, my job involves long hours of sitting at desks and our computers, with occasional internal/external meetings. I am reasonably health focused, both in food and exercise, with particular focus on strengthening my core to address scoliosis, as well as enhancing my immunity and energy levels.


I am no stranger to personal training, but have been doing it on and off due to various interruptions like changing homes and jobs. When I began training with Manuela in 2017, I was quite run down in health due to a heavy work and travel schedule, resulting in stress, and an inconsistent diet and no regular exercise. I had a stiff back and aching muscles which had driven me into a vicious cycle of even less exercise and low fitness levels.

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12-Week Total Boss Transformation

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Give me just three months of your time to completely change your life.

I will create a fully customized gym or home based workout for you, designed with your lifestyle, schedule and preference in mind to build the body you have always wanted.


My nutrition program, using balanced recipes and habit-based learning tools will help you reshape the way you think about, eat and interact with food.

Complete access to my nutrition & lifestyle habit course will help you improve your mindset and build the foundation to lifelong weight loss results.

I offer you full accountability through committed support and I will give you the knowledge and confidence to overcome roadblocks and challenges.






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Learn more about the 12-week 'Total Boss Transformation' Program and

Be The Boss Of Your Own Transformation!

Meet Manuela

My philosophy is based on my experiences — and my experiences are based on my life.

Hello! I’m Manuela, founder and owner of Barbell Boss Fitness.


I first started working in the fitness field back in 2004, and since then have become a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness & Nutrition Coach.

I am passionate about mixed martial arts, strength training and exploring different cultures.

Through my previous work as business development manager, I had the privilege to live on three different continents and traveled to as many countries as possible.

With the experience as being both a fitness coach and businesswoman, I have developed a deeper, firsthand understanding of the challenges that come with combining a healthy lifestyle and a demanding, international career - because I lived it!

Through my coaching, I will share with you my expertise, and a simple but holistic system that I have created, which will start you on your journey to not only seeing amazing physical results, but also developing lifelong habits that will help you to maintain them.

It is my mission to empower you to develop a positive body image and find a balanced lifestyle.

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